5 Important Things to Know About Professional Kitchen Knife Safety

Knives appear to most people to be simple pieces of equipment that do not require extensive training to use. However, when the same people lift a kitchen knife for the first time in their lives, they find it very difficult to get the perfect outcome.

Although kitchen knives look easy to use, a substantial amount of skill is required to use them and get the desired outcome out of them. No matter which knife you use—a professional ICEL knife in Dubai or any other random knife—learning some knife skills always helps.

Perhaps all you want to do with a knife skill is chop a tomato without pulping it. Perhaps you avoid using knives entirely because of your fear and intimidation of them. While you learn knife skills, it’s equally important to know the safety measures that you can take while using professional ICEL knives in Dubai.

This information is not a replacement for a hands-on knife skills program because being good with a knife requires practice at home under the guidance of an expert. In this blog article, Mostafawi Group will provide you with some information that might help you improve your knife skills without ever enrolling in a course. So read this blog until the end.

1. Learn To Sharpen Your Knife

The majority of individuals are aware that a sharp knife is safer than one that is dull or blunt. If that is the case, it is somewhat alarming to learn that the majority of individuals do not believe their knives are sharp and do not know exactly what to do about them. However, we will wager that you can complete the task successfully on your own and probably already possess the necessary abilities. Most likely, the knife set you have at home includes sharpening steel.

What you have is a honer, not the sharpening steel that was included with your knife set. Your knife’s fine edge is smoothed up by a honer, which also makes the blade feel sharper. You must apply a new edge once the burr, or fine edge, starts to wear down. Sharpening steel or stone is used to create a fresh edge by actually removing metal in the process. Although the similarities between sharpening steels and honers can be confusing, if you understand how to use the honer, sharpening steels function the same! You will find several types of sharpening tools and ICEL kitchen accessories in Dubai at exclusive ICEL outlets.

2. Get a Big Chopping Board or a Chopping Block

A big chopping board is almost as important as a professional knife for a kitchen. A big chopping board provides safety, and at the same time, it also provides a large space to work on. Even if you have a tiny kitchen and a tiny countertop, work on buying the biggest possible cutting board that will fit on top of it. At the ICEL store in Dubai, you will find a chopping board as well as professional kitchen knives that can fit kitchens of all sizes and needs.

Purchase a reversible chopping board, turn it over occasionally, and maintain it by regularly oiling it to prevent warping. A board that has been properly oiled prevents the wood from being stained, warped, or absorbing dirt or bacteria. A chopping block that is larger than your knife is required. It is neither steady nor safe if the knife is balanced on the edge of the board. You need a large enough chopping block so that your food won’t slip off as you are chopping it.

3. Use a Bench Scraper in Your Kitchen

In the kitchen, using a bench scraper makes a significant difference in terms of efficiency and safety. You can often transfer the food to the pan in one trip as opposed to trying to scoop up the contents on your chopping board with your knife and then carrying that to the stove. When you use a bench scraper rather than a knife, you can work comparatively faster and safer than walking through the kitchen with a knife.

When you use a bench scraper, you also increase the life of the professional knife and the chopping board or block. After you invest a considerable amount of money in buying professional ICEL knives in Dubai, it’s always a good idea to take measures that will increase your life span.

4. Keep Your Knife Sharp For a Longer Period

There is no way to prevent your knife’s edge from dulling with use, but there are a few things you can do to keep the edge sharper for a longer period.

Clean and dry your knives by hand. Dishwasher detergents are tough on the metals and fine edges of knives. Knives that are towel dried are safer than those that are air dried because steel can rust.

As you go, rinse any acidic food from the knife’s blade. Tomatoes are tough to slice since they are particularly dulling to knives, in addition to being acidic like citrus, garlic, and onions.

Every time you use your knife, sharpen it; it only takes a few seconds. The fine edge of your knife may fracture more easily if you don’t routinely hone it. This may seem insignificant, but carry a pair of scissors or a box cutter in your kitchen to avoid the temptation to cut open items with knives, which dull the blades.

5. Use Knives That Are Easy To Use

Another element of effective and secure knife skills is comfort. Ensure that the knife you purchase feels comfortable in your hands by holding it. That also implies that you might not be able to use every knife in a set. Each knife in a set has a different handle and balance, which can significantly alter how they feel. Only use the knife that feels comfortable in your hands; this way, you will get maximum safety while working with it. You can also purchase additional ICEL kitchen accessories in Dubai that make using a knife easier and safer for you.

Concluding Lines

Mostafawi Group is a leading ICEL supplier in Dubai. At exclusive ICEL stores, you will find different ICEL kitchen knives, kitchen accessories, and much more that make working in the kitchen easier, safer, and more convenient.

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