6 Unconventional Uses Of Pelican Cases

Pelican is a highly respected brand when it comes to protecting highly valuable and delicate goods. From delicate photography equipment to the military arsenal, pelican cases are used for storing many different things.

The waterproof quality and seemingly unbreakable quality of the Pelican cases make them the preferred option for many professionals. They provide many more useful advantages than simply the apparent, so if you thought they were only for keeping your equipment secure, think again. Pelican cases can be used for many different things aside from storage. In this blog article, Mostafawi Group, the leading supplier of pelican cases in Dubai, will share six amazing and unconventional uses of pelican cases. So read this entire blog without missing any part.

1. Pelican Cases Can Instantly Turn Into a Handy Stand

Recently, it has been learned that the purge valve in Pelican cases, which controls pressure and is located just above the handle on some of the older types of hard cases, is secured in place by a threaded opening. You can replace this valve with a spigot if you carefully detach the valve. As almost every camera attachment can now be mounted to your case with the use of different grips, this opens up a world of possibilities for you with Pelican cases.

However, as you can assume, the Pelican case can suddenly transform into a very solid low-level light stand. This was not what this valve hole was ever intended to be used for in the first place. So use this method with caution. If your particular Pelican case lacks a hole for a valve or this feature, you can still use a super-clamp or Gorillapod to secure a light to one of the two handles. This might be helpful when setting up a time-lapse camera for a BTS session. Just make sure you get the necessary equipment out before you start recording. Now that you know another advantage of using pelican cases, you can go to any pelican store in Dubai near you and make the purchase.

2. Getting a Better View

There are instances when you only need to raise yourself slightly when filming, and if you are in the middle of a crowded location, steps or any other solution may not be an option. Fortunately, the Pelican case is so sturdy that you won’t have any trouble standing on it. You had been shocked at how often it comes in handy, even if you will only grow a few inches taller. When you have to shoot for any length of time at a low angle, it also makes a great seat that you will love. This is one unconventional reason why many people prefer getting pelican cases, this has been reported by a leading pelican supplier in Dubai.

3. Give Your Subjects a Lift Using Pelican Case

Similar to the earlier point, there are times when many people prefer their subject to be a little taller or elevated a little higher. Many professional photographers use the Pelican case as a platform for their models to stand on. When filming in settings that have been used numerous times before, it is very helpful. A position that has been used a lot can be changed by simply elevating the model a few inches off the ground. If you are shooting groups of individuals that are different sizes, this is also a useful purpose. To balance out everyone’s sizes, a hard case can be utilized as an alternative to the apple box.

Even if shooting in groups isn’t your style, simply having a model place one foot on a case can significantly alter their body’s contour and make a very static photo more dynamic. The nicest part about it is that you already had the case, so no more equipment is needed. No more carrying extra stuff and handling extra stuff. You can inquire about pelican distributors in Dubai and get pelican cases in bulk.

4. Your Pelican Case Can Be Converted Into A Rucksack

This unconventional use of pelican cases is for individuals who might have shied away from hard cases because they couldn’t be carried conveniently. The Pelican 1510 case can now be carried on your back like a knapsack thanks to a modification harness made by RucPac. The straps are simple to affix and, when not in use, fold down so that they take up very little room. This might be especially helpful while you are on location and lugging other equipment with your hands full.

This makes it a must for investing in such hard pelican cases. When you compare it to crash helmets, it makes more sense to get pelican cases if you have a lot of outdoor and location shoots. Adding just two additional straps not only makes your pelican cases easy to carry around but converts them into a portable rucksack as well. So what are you waiting for? Get up, dress, and visit a Pelican UAE Store to get this gorgeous pelican case for you.

5. Helps To Give Your Video Work Motion

Your Pelican case might be modified to work as a camera slider or dolly. You can quickly add motion to your clips by just adding some rig wheels like they do in various videos. The wheels may be taken off and placed within the casing when not in use. If you don’t frequently deal with video but still want the option, then making this change would be preferable to purchasing a specialized slider arrangement. You can visit any Pelican store in Dubai to get your cases today.

6. Make a Tether Stand out of a Pelican Case

Long seeking for an appropriate tether station to utilize on location, somebody on a shooting crew came up with this idea a while back. Using an already-present piece of gear rather than acquiring or carrying something new makes more sense. Simply drill a hole in the bottom of the case, insert a bicycle fast-release bolt, and use it to attach the bolt to the head of a tripod that has been slightly modified, if you want to go the DIY route. Many specialized brackets can accomplish the same task if you want to take a less disruptive path.

These are the six top unconventional uses of pelican cases.

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