Guide To Choosing The Right Pelican Case For Your Gear

Be it your dream DSLR camera or a special set of guns, your gear needs to be protected at all times. When we talk about protective cases for high-end gear, what other than Pelican can be the best for them?

As we begin bidding adieu to yet another year and prepare to end 2022 and welcome 2023, most of us will have some items on our wish lists. Some may have cameras, jewelry, and high-end gadgets, while others may have guns and weapons of top quality. Buying something from your wish list is as easy as hitting the shop button, but taking good care of this precious gear is quite important.

With the market flooded with all types of protective cases, Pelican can become one of the best investments for your favorite gear. But even in Pelican, there are multiple different options for your gear, and choosing the best amongst them can be a bit confusing. So here in this article, Mostafawi Group, which is a leading pelican supplier in Dubai, will explain to you how to choose the right pelican case for your gear. To learn all of the details, read the entire article until the end.

Step 1

Take Appropriate Measurements

To begin, you must determine the correct measurements of the main object you wish to protect. To begin narrowing down the best case for you, you will need two of the three possible measurements. Begin by measuring the length and width of your main object, leaving room for possible accessories such as lenses, batteries, a cleaning kit, and so on. We have even done some of the legwork for you by gathering this modern camera body guide, which includes our preferred case descriptions for some of today’s top cameras.

Here are some simple examples: Small cases are 4 x 3 in., medium cases are 19 x 11 in., and large cases are 40 x 14 in. Apart from the camera, many other things need a protective case. But whatever your choice for the case is, you will have to measure it correctly before you move on to choosing the right one for you. You can visit any of the premium Pelican stores in Dubai and seek help in choosing the right case for your gear. Let us take you to the next step in choosing the right case.

Step 2

Selecting the Right Case

Now that you know the rough dimensions of your gear, go to The Pelican website has a dedicated case calculator tool. Enter the size of your gear here, and a variety of different cases that would work well enough for your payload and gear will be suggested. If you find using the online tool very intimidating, then you can visit any of the Pelican stores in Dubai to get accurate suggestions and a guide for the right case suggestion.

If you have an object that is too large for the Case Calculator, don’t worry, because Pelican has a Custom Case Center that can design a case for literally anything that requires a protective solution. From gigantic objects to tiny gear, you can virtually and in reality almost design a case for any object, gadget, or gear of your choice.

Step 3

Choosing The Interiors

Having the right interior setup for your needs is just as important as choosing the right case. Fortunately, Pelican has designed a variety of solutions to meet your specific requirements. Pick N’ Pluck foam is a classic that features perforated cubes that can be easily removed, allowing you to alter the foam structure within your case. Yellow-padded partitions have Velcro on both sides, allowing you to customize channels and compartments for your gear. Pelican became the unique case provider to offer Trek Pak, a rearrangeable divider system that allows for spotless, organized, and yet re-adjustable case interiors, a few years ago.

A perfect case on the outside with a loose interior will not be the right protective case for your precious gear and objects. Being able to identify the right interiors as well as exteriors is very crucial for choosing the right gear.

Over the last decade, the demand for high-quality and durable protective cases has sharply risen in the Middle East and Gulf region; this has been a major inspiration for the Mostafawi group. Inspired by this Mostafawi group, decided to introduce the Pelican brand to the region, and today we are the exclusive Pelican distributor in Dubai and the Middle East region.

If The Custom Solutions Don’t Work Do This!

Finally, if those do-it-yourself interior solutions aren’t cutting it, Pelican offers three levels of custom foam:

  • The first is, where you can design your custom foam interior on the computer and have it shipped directly to you within your new or existing case.
  •  There are our trusted partners, who have been constructing custom foam for the interiors of Pelican cases for years.
  • Finally, Pelican’s in-house Custom Foam Center completes projects for clients such as SpaceX and the US Military. There is a perfect interior remedy for whatever you need to safeguard with all of these options.

So whatever challenge you may be facing with getting the right case for your gear, Pelican will always have a comprehensive solution for you.

Concluding Lines

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have completed all three steps to selecting the best protective solution for your project, take your measurements and start shopping for the perfect case and interior at You can even visit any of the Pelican Stores in Dubai to place your orders. At the same time, remember that if you face any challenges or difficulties ordering anything from Pelican, your friendly and exclusive Pelican supplier in Dubai, “Mostafawi Group,” is always at your aid and service.

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