How to Clean and Maintain a Swiss knife

A Swiss army knife is one of the best survival tools you can carry with you at all times. From helping you cut vegetables and meat in times of emergency survival situations to letting you open a beverage can, a Swiss knife is an extremely versatile and helpful tool. The Swiss knives from brands such as Victorinox are made from durable material and thus have a very long life.

However, even though Victorinox Swiss knives are made from high-quality materials and are very durable, they too tend to collect dust particles on their surfaces. Cleaning and maintaining knives on a regular basis is necessary for a longer life and smoother operation.

In this article, Mostafawi Group, which is a leading retailer and distributor of the Victorinox brand in Dubai, will explain to you the step-by-step procedure for cleaning and maintaining your Swiss knife. Read until the end to not miss any vital information.

Step 1

Take Out All Tools That Aren’t Part Of The Knife

Many times, in a Swiss knife, additions can be made later on, such as toothpicks, tweezers, and others. Remove all these additional tools that were added separately to your knife. Also, remove any batteries if your Swiss knife has any. Besides batteries, all the extra tools should be washed separately in warm, soapy water and dried properly before you reinsert them. You can wipe the battery with a dry piece of cloth to keep it clean and dust free.

Step 2

Dip Your Swiss Knife in Warm Water

One of the simplest and most effective methods to clean a Swiss knife is with warm water. You are probably wondering why only warm water is used. Warm water can remove rust and other particles from a knife, allowing it to be perfectly cleaned.

Fill a large bowl halfway with warm water. The water should be warm enough for you to comfortably dip your fingers in it. Never use boiling water because the metal will expand if it gets too hot. Furthermore, boiling water can harm the scales of your Swiss knife. Now, remove all of the tools from the knife and immerse it in warm water. Keep them submerged in water for about 30 minutes at least.

Remove the knife from the water and leave the tools open. Clean the frame’s inner layers and the scales on each side. The following materials are required for the procedure.

  • Cotton Swabs
  •  a small paintbrush
  • Discarded Toothbrush

Warm water can loosen the majority of the dirt within the layers. It will be simple to remove the particles that have been left behind. Continue dipping your knife in warm water while cleaning it until the layers and scales are completely clean. Alternatively, you can visit any Victorinox store in Dubai and get your Swiss knife cleaned by the experts in the store. But some people prefer to do DIY cleaning, and that is fine until you follow the proper steps and guidelines.

Step 3

Dry Your Swiss Knife

After you have finished cleaning, it’s time to dry the knife. The most efficient way to dry it is to leave all of the tools open and let them dry on their own. Shake your knife vigorously to remove any excess water. You can clean each tool with a clean cloth. While cleaning it, take care not to cut your fingers. To prevent cutting fingers, experts at the Victorinox shop in Dubai wear special waterproof gloves while cleaning the knives.

Allow the knife to dry in the sun once the excess water has been removed. Open all of the tools and expose them to direct sunlight for one hour. It will aid in the drying of the knife’s interior. If you need to dry the knife quickly, use cotton buds to remove water from the frame and hard-to-reach areas. If the Swiss army knife has electronics, they may also get wet because it is not completely waterproof. Don’t forget to thoroughly dry the entire knife before inserting the batteries. To remove any excess water, you may also use a hair dryer, but keep the setting low as hot air can harm the knife. Mostafawi Group is a leading Victorinox distributor in Dubai. We own multiple Victorinox stores across Dubai and the UAE. Victorinox knives make excellent gifts, and when you clean them together, they allow you to bond with your loved ones as well.

Step 4

Oil your Swiss knife

After drying the knife, oil it to improve both its performance and appearance. When you lubricate the joints of your Swiss Army knife, it will perform like new. Knife lube oil is widely available on Amazon. Choose one that is food-safe so that you can store it in the house. You can also lubricate the knife with WD-40, but it is not a household lubricant. One of the primary advantages of using WD-40 is that it aids in the removal of rust and difficult-to-remove oily and sticky residue from knives.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, coconut oil is a good option. It can be used to lubricate the knife. When you take your Swiss knife to any of the premium Victorinox stores in Dubai, the team over there will use specialized lubricating sprays to lubricate and oil your knife. But even if you use any of the edible oils or WD-40, it will work well for your knife.

Step 5

Sharpen Your Knife

After you have finished cleaning, you must sharpen the blades of your knives. This is critical if you frequently use the knife. The best part is that sharpening the blade of a Swiss knife does not require any special skills. Traditional methods, such as sharpening stones or a modern, custom-built knife sharpener, can be used. When sharpening with a whetstone, make sure to keep the angle between 15 and 20 degrees. Although, if you have any doubts, taking your knife to a nearby Victorinox shop in Dubai is one of the easiest ways you can sharpen your knife.

Concluding Lines

Although it varies depending on how often you use a Swiss knife, cleaning it once or twice a year is recommended. Cleaning the knife each week or at least once a month is recommended for those who use it frequently or in scenarios where it collects dirt more often. Cleaning your Swiss knife does not require any special skills or services; however, getting it cleaned by an expert at any nearby Victorinox shop in Dubai is highly recommended. When cleaning and sharpening knife blades, wear gloves to protect your hands. Rubbing alcohol should not be used to clean Swiss knives. Also, Swiss knives are not dishwasher-safe, so do not clean them in the dishwasher. A simple search engine with the term “Victorinox in Dubai” should bring results for nearby Victorinox shops.

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