How To Protect Delicate Equipment Using Pelican Cases?

When you have a lot of delicate and fragile equipment that you have to carry daily, how do you protect it? Some would say carry them in bags that came from the manufacturer, while others would suggest carrying them in cardboard boxes or in bags you buy from the market.

But we all know this isn’t a sustainable solution for packing costly photography equipment such as lenses or medical equipment. Firstly, this equipment is extremely fragile and delicate, and secondly, it is very costly. Simple camera lenses go for up to a few thousand dollars. And if, as a photographer, you have to travel daily carrying your equipment, cardboard boxes or bags that came from the manufacturer don’t make sense. These things are good for maybe the first few weeks or, at most, a few months. But eventually, these things catch up and wear out. Even if you replace them, you will have to replace them every few months, and it will be an added expense on your bills.

So in this blog article, Mostafawi Group, one of the leading suppliers and distributors of multiple luxury brands, introduces you to “Pelican.” Pelican is an iconic and leading brand from California, United States of America.

You have certainly heard of the Pelican brand if you have ever looked into safe ways to transport your equipment. These casings are thin and extremely impact- and water-resistant. They serve as a photographer’s most prized assets, but they also serve as protection. Additionally, Pelican cases are used to transport equipment by specialists working in the military, aerospace industry, and emergency medical services. Read this article until the end to understand how pelican cases protect your delicate equipment from all conditions.

Pelican Cases Are Made Of Really Good Material

Pelican cases are extremely durable and well-made. They are protective cases that can withstand severe blows and the elements and are dustproof, watertight, and able to keep expensive equipment nestled safely inside. But what specific material are Pelican cases comprised of?

That answer is a little tricky, especially considering that Pelican provides five case lines, each with a unique design and tough, plastic-like structure. But don’t worry, we will explain the precise material requirements used to create each Pelican model as well as some of their advantageous characteristics. When you visit any pelican store in Dubai, you can physically see different types of pelican protective cases and purchase the best one for you. Let’s get going.

Pelican Protector Case Series

Our unique polypropylene mix is used to create the Pelican Protector Case line. And within that case material is a relatively hollow interior with a honeycomb structure created during the production process and incorporated into the resin. There are many benefits to the case and to protecting everything you secure within it thanks to its open honeycomb construction.

The Protector Case series can handle anything because of the honeycomb structure’s increased strength and rigidity. The open cells also dissipate heat and aid in keeping the inside at a relatively safe temperature. The Protector series also provides double-throw locks that are simple to operate, have over-molded rubber grips, and have stainless steel hardware. Mostafawi Group is one of the earliest pelican distributors in Dubai and the Middle East region.

Storm Case Series

Additionally, the Pelican Storm Case line is made of our special HPX polypropylene blend. This HPX material has the same crushproof solid wall design with an open honeycomb cell core as the Protector Case series, making it lightweight. Press-and-pull latches, which lock automatically and unlock simply with a light touch, are one of the fundamental differences between the Storm Case series and the Protector series. So whether you are looking to store camera lenses or some delicate medical equipment, the Storm Case Series is perfect for you.

The Storm Case Series of Pelican is especially useful for rescue missions as it ensures complete protection of whatever is stored inside of it. So even if you are not planning to go on rescue missions but have some really important documents to protect, go for pelican cases. Visit your nearest Pelican store in Dubai and grab a case for yourself.

The Air Case Series

The Air Case line of Pelican cases is not a misnomer. The Protector and Storm Case series were built with Pelican’s HPX polypropylene compound, but the Air Case series is constructed with HPX2, a lighter version of this resin that was previously used to create the Protector and Storm Case series. These lightweight cases were developed to be up to 40% lighter than the typical hard-carrying case, making them ideal for air travel. Pelican Air Cases, which have the same honeycomb structure as the Protector series, bounce after breaking and are more durable than standard solid polymer materials. Additionally, it has an IP67 rating, making it submersible in one meter of water for 20 minutes.

So if you have a lot of air travel, the Air Case Series is for you. Not only are these cases lightweight, but they are also extra sturdy. These cases look iconic, so they make great gifting options as well. If your loved one is having a birthday any time soon, go to a Pelican UAE Store and grab a pelican case for them.

The Vault Case Series

The Pelican Vault Case Series was created to protect a variety of delicate items, including weapons, ammunition, bows, and more. And for that, you need a sturdy, shock-absorbing substance to cushion any blows it may take. In light of this, the HDPE formula of crushproof, high-impact plastics is used to manufacture the Vault series. One thing to keep in mind is that HDPE should not be mistaken for LDPE, a lower-density polyethylene that is not nearly as durable. The Vault series also includes stainless steel hasps, making it very sturdy and durable. This makes pelican cases extremely durable and sturdy. So visit any Pelican store in Dubai near you and get a tough Pelican case to protect your equipment.

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