Why Is A Swiss Knife A Must-Have Tool For Hiking?

“If one object that can be named as an extension of my limbs then it has to be Victorinox Swiss Knife”, says a hiker who goes on a hike every few months.

Victorinox Swiss Knife is not just a knife but a life-saving device that can be helpful to any hiker. With multiple tools and all compact and easy to carry a quality Swiss knife from a brand such as Victorinox not only becomes a good gift but also a lifesaving tool.

As versatile as this knife is equally versatile are its uses. Some people use it for cutting vegetables at home (yeah it’s one of the uses of a Swiss knife on hikes but some people use it at home as well), some use it as a tool for their DIY tasks, while some use it as a keychain and others use it to impress people and then some people have Swiss knife just lying around in their home.

If you want to buy a Victorinox Swiss army in Dubai upon visiting any Victorinox store in Dubai you will get confused by the sheer availability of options a simple Swiss Knife can have. Upon visiting blogs on the Mostafawi website, you will find different blogs explaining your guide for buying the right type of Swiss Knife.

Let us now see why carrying a Swiss knife is a very important tool for going on hikes in this blog article by Dubai’s leading supplier of Victorinox Knife, Mostafawi Group.

How It Began

Charles and Victoria Elsener started manufacturing cutlery and multi-tools in the Swiss Alpine meadows in 1884. The first contract to supply soldier’s knives to the Swiss Army was signed in 1891, and soon after that Charles Elsener patented the “Officer’s knife,” which helped Victorinox become the household name it is today.

Victorinox Dubai became a thing when the Mostafawi group promoted it in the Middle Eastern region. The demand for luxury goods was increasing in the region and taking up this opportunity the founders of Mostafawi Group who are one of the largest owners of Victorinox Dubai store thought it was the right time to introduce the brand. Mostafawi group has not only kept this brand as a luxury possession but has gone a step ahead and displayed its utilitarian aspects to the wide public over the years this has fueled interest in the brand greatly in the region.

Let Us Now See the Different Uses of the Victorinox Swiss Knife

Use It as Tweezers

While going on a hike you can expect that a lot of small stones and rubble can get stuck in your shoes and if you are off-roading in a vehicle the tires will have them too. And we know how annoying those small stones can be while driving and also while walking on the hike.

It is at such times humble Victorinox Swiss Knife will come to your rescue. You can easily remove tiny stones from your shoes and vehicle tires using this Swiss knife. The usage of this knife is not limited to the hike situation, back at home or in your office you can use this knife to pick up tiny bits of paper or any other thing that is too small for your fingers. And ladies shouldn’t feel left out because you can use these tweezers as a tool to prune your eyelashes as well. So if you have not made up your mind yet go ahead and visit your nearest Victorinox store and get your Swiss knife in Dubai.

Use It as a Toothpick

We all love enjoying a lavish meal and while the meal is delicious sometimes we end up with spinach or some other bit of food that we have eaten stuck between our teeth. We often realize this hour after we have left the restaurant and are eat a place that doesn’t have access to a toothpick. Carrying a tiny and compact Swiss Knife will be a lifesaver for you in such situations. All you have to do is get your reliable tool out and make your teeth sparkling clean. So go ahead and get yourself a Victorinox Swiss army knife in Dubai.

Multi-Purpose Hook (To Carry Parcels)

This tool is great for men and women too and especially for men who have to accompany their wife or girlfriend for shopping. We sometimes end up carrying several shopping bags and our two hands are just not enough to carry all that in one go. To make things easy simply use a multipurpose hook that comes built into your Victorinox Swiss Knife and make things easy. On hikes, you can use this to hang hammocks as well and can use to drag heavy sacks or stuff.

As A Reamer and Punch

You will see that Victorinox Swiss Knife has a pointy edge and a needle-shaped hole in the middle. The shape resembles a flattened needle. It is primarily used to create holes in the fabric, leather, etc., or to enlarge an existing hole. The holes are used to thread needles through and sew up large goods like hiking boots or canvas tents. Additionally, you can use it to squeeze the juice from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. You can also use this as a punch to make holes or markings. It is a very useful tool when you go on hikes. So don’t wait for more go ahead and buy your Victorinox Swiss army knife in Dubai.

Your Victorinox Swiss Knife has many more usages;

  1. Key holder
  2. Small blade
  3. Large blade
  4. Scissors
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Bottle opener
  7. Cap lifter

And there are many many more uses for this knife which you will discover when you start using it.

Concluding Lines

A multi-utilitarian tool, lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to carry a Victorinox Swiss Knife is a tool that you must carry on your next hike. From hanging a hammock to lifting heavy sacks, to squeezing a lime this tool will help you accomplish all tasks.

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