The Art of Sharpening: Top Tips for Maintaining Your Hand Knife.

A knife’s blade edge will dull over time and with each cut, regardless of quality, style, or steel. To keep a knife performing at its best, it must be honed and sharpened regularly. While there are many professional sharpeners where you can bring your knives for maintenance, we believe knife sharpening is a fundamental skill that almost anyone and everyone can pursue without feeling shy or intimidated, especially if you enjoy the process of cooking and managing your home.

If you are wondering when is the right time to sharpen your knife then it’s time to sharpen your kitchen knife if it’s mashing tomatoes instead of slicing them or slipping when cutting onions. Knife sharpening is a skill that every chef and even home chefs should learn and can easily earn. Whether you use a manual sharpener, an electric sharpener, or a whetstone knowing the right technique for sharpening a knife is essential.

In this article, the leading seller of Icel kitchen accessories in Dubai Mostafawi group brings you some tips for maintaining your sharp knife and sharpening it. Read this article till the end to not miss any vital information.

Before We Begin Let Us First Learn How A Sharp Knife Benefits You

You will find Icel kitchen accessories in Dubai at leading lifestyle and kitchen accessory stores. Talking about the benefits of a sharp knife; a sharp knife quickly and precisely helps you in slicing your vegetables easily and making fine cuts on your meat. Keeping sharp knives has two major advantages:

1. A safe knife is sharp. Using a dull knife you will be more prone to getting injured. You are more likely to slip your knife while cutting or chopping something and cut something else instead of vegetables, such as your nail or finger. The cuts caused by a knife in most cases are subtle and heal within a few weeks but in rare cases, these cuts can be deadly. Keeping knife blades sharp will avoid causing such cuts.

2. A sharp knife produces precise cuts. It has been proven by numerous chefs and even researchers that the way you cut your vegetable or meat and slice it majorly affects how long it takes to cook the respective item. A sharp knife cuts your food into even pieces so that it cooks evenly and at the same rate.

Some Tips For Maintaining Your Sharp Knife

Keep Your Knife Clean After Each Use

Vegetables such as lemons, tomatoes, and onions are all high in acidity. Over time, the presence of acids in these vegetables can react with the metal of your knife and can corrode it. As a result, it’s a good idea to clean after you cut any acidic vegetable with it. Keep your knife clean after cutting anything acidic, especially if you use a high-carbon steel knife.

If you buy a kitchen knife from an Icel Supplier in Dubai then most probably it will be made of stainless steel, which means they will contain anti-rust alloys, so you won’t have to be very particular with washing ICEL knives still it’s a good idea to keep knives clean from a hygiene point of view. If you use non- ICEL knife neglecting your knife will eventually result in small rust patterns developing on it, particularly near the cutting edge where the stainless steel may have worn back.

Also, keep your knife clean while working. After each use, wipe it down with a kitchen towel to remove any food particles.

Always Clean Your Knife With Soapy Water

Wash and clean your knife with mild soap and hot water. To avoid corrosion and improve hygiene, wash it immediately after use. Never soak your knife for best results, as this can over-saturate the handle, resulting in bacteria buildup. Caring for and maintaining your knives is critical to extending their life and avoiding injury. As a result, hand washing with soapy water is ideal for keeping them clean. Buying premium knives can be easily done with any Icel Supplier in Dubai.

Dry Your Knife Immediately

Allowing your knife to air dry can cause rusting or germ buildup. Instead, use a hand towel to wipe it clean as soon as you finish washing it. When drying your knife, you can also use a paper towel. These little details can help keep your knife in excellent condition.

Bonus Tip: After drying your knife, oil it! For this purpose, any neutral oil will work well. But be careful not to touch the edge of the blade with bare hands or else you will get hurt! To oil, the sharp edges, use a paper towel and always work towards the knife edge. When polishing, place your knife on a flat surface to avoid cuts. You can easily find high-quality Icel knives in Dubai at premium stores.

Use The Right Type Of Cutting Board

Make use of the proper cutting board! Yes, you read that correctly. You may believe that glass cutting or marble boards are beneficial to your knife, but they can harm the blade. It’s best to use wooden or plastic boards because they act gentler on the blades. So, if you don’t want your knife blade to dull, choose the right cutting board.

Bonus tip: Look for chopping boards in hospitality stores (or online) because they are industry standard and last a long time! The industry standard board also comes in a variety of colors, which help you to keep your meats and vegetable prep separate by color. Along with Icel knives in Dubai, you will find other accessorizes at Mostafawi-owned stores.

Concluding Lines

Keeping your knife edges sharp is the most important aspect of maintaining and managing it. In the above article, we saw how a knife with sharp edges is useful to us in various ways. We also saw some tips for maintaining and managing the knives. You will find Icel knives at leading Icel stores in Dubai.

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