What Are The Different Types Of Products Offered By Mostafawi Group?

Mostafawi Group is a leading and pioneering company in the UAE that has introduced various reputed and high-end brands to the Gulf world. Our group was established in the year 1965 with the sole aim of revolutionizing the commercial market in the UAE.

After nearly six decades of service, Mostafawi Group is proud of the numerous high-end brands and commercial opportunities it has brought to UAE citizens and residents. This article lets us see what different types of products and brands are offered by the Mostafawi group.

Lee Denim and Apparel

You have planned a weekend getaway with your best buddies and are off to a gorgeous destination. What is your preferred choice of dress? We are certain you will carry at least a couple of pairs of denim jeans with you.

Or maybe you are out on a last-minute date with your love. What will you choose in a hurry? A blue pair of jeans with a white shirt can never go wrong, irrespective of your gender or the shape of your body.

From relaxing casuals and leisure wear to smart office formals, denim is loved by everyone and worn everywhere. Mostafawi Group is responsible for introducing the Lee brand to the UAE market; if you walk into any Lee jeans outlet in Dubai, it is because of us.

Lee’s innovations, versatile style, and outstanding fit have inspired generations of brand lovers after more than 125 years of deliberate design and craftsmanship. Lee is iconic American denim and casual apparel manufacturer. It has been making apparel and accessories to inspire people to live active life. The brand’s guiding values of authenticity, integrity and drive enable it to create items that people enjoy. Mostafawi Group shares its values with the Lee Group, and that is why it introduced this leading brand to the UAE market.

Lee’s collections provide a diverse range of distinctively designed jeans, pants, shirts, shorts, and jackets for men, women, and children. So, with the Lee brand in the house, nobody is left out.

Kitchen Knives and Accessories

Cooking is one of the most underrated arts of all. Cooking food isn’t just a daily chore or an activity of survival. Today, cooking has largely become an art form appreciated and simultaneously consumed by people. For the art form of cooking, there have been numerous accessories and tools as well. One of the most important tools that most chefs can’t do without is a kitchen knife.

The knife that we are talking about isn’t an ordinary kitchen knife but a high-performance knife that lasts longer than anything. Mostafawi Group introduced a high-end cutting-edge brand, ICEL, to the UAE region. The story of ICEL is an inspiring one and can resemble the stories of many people from the region as well.

ICEL Group was started as a small family-run business in a quaint little region of Ribafria by three brothers in the 1940s. The demand for special cutting-edge knives increased rapidly by the 50s, and soon the regional distribution grew to the international markets. Today, ICEL manufactures more than just chef’s knives. They are specialists in manufacturing pocket knives, butcher knives, butcher accessories, and many similar things. ICEL even has many special edition launches. You can buy them in any of the ICEL stores in Dubai or UAE.

Pelican Safety Cases

Are you wondering where to keep your precious diamonds, camera lenses, or that special edition gun? The answer is Pelican cases. Pelican is a leading manufacturer of high-end safety cases, protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging, and portable lighting systems.

As the economy in the UAE started growing and more ex-pats started coming, the need for specialty products was on the rise in the region. And seeing the need and growing demand for special cases and packaging material products, the Mostafawi Group introduced the renowned brand Pelican to the region.

The Pelican brand passionately accepts the vocation and duty that they have fulfilled for over 45 years. That’s just the way the Mostafawi group has been doing in Dubai and nearby markets for nearly six decades.

The makers of Pelican indeed build the greatest products in the world. But they never forget to be thankful to their customers. The Pelican brand expresses its gratitude in the form of thanking its consumers by telling the world that it is the consumers who have built and established the Pelican brand. They understand that trust is the most important asset you can invest in a Pelican product. Pelican products are built to last a long time. Go to your nearest Pelican store in Dubai to find out about the astonishing products from this brand.

Concluding Lines

Along with this, the Mostafawi Group has introduced many other products to the UAE market, including Swiss knives from the world-renowned Victorinox brand and apparel from Wrangler, Dickies, and Lee in our upcoming blogs.

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