What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing A Knife?

Knives are one of the oldest tools mankind has ever known, and they are as old as approximately 2.3 million years. Knives have played one of the most important roles in the growth and development of mankind. From the Neanderthal men using knives for hunting to the modern-day chefs using knives to make culinary classics, knives have been used everywhere by humans, from combat for survival to Swiss pocket knives as a style statement. Knives have changed their shapes, sizes, and utility across the ages.

A few centuries ago, a knife was something on which the survival of human race was dependent, and even today, if we think mankind has progressed and doesn’t need this old tool, we must think twice. Will the world continue to function? It will be very difficult for people to function normally without a good old knife. Knives have been built in various materials, sizes, and shapes, and they are used across almost every industry. In this article, the Mostafawi group will help you understand how to pick the perfect knife for your various needs. Mostafawi Group is a premium knife brand and ICEL Supplier in Dubai. Read until the end to get all the details.

Durability Of The Knife

If you are a professional, such as a chef, then durability should be on the top of your mind while picking up a knife. Many factors affect the durability of a knife. One of the most important factors that affect the durability of a knife is the material from which it is manufactured. Most cooking and chef knives are built from carbon steel or a combination of alloys.

One of the most commonly used knives is made of carbon steel. These knives made of carbon steel are known for their excellent hardness, which is tested using the Rockwell Scale. As the hardness of a knife increases, the wear and tear on the knife’s edge decrease considerably. Regular knife usage will dull any blade’s edge over time, but stainless blades wear down faster due to the softer metal of stainless steel. Carbon steel blades will retain their edge significantly longer than stainless steel blades as long as they are not dropped from a substantial height. In particular, carbon steel is more brittle than stainless steel. If you work in a high-stress environment, choosing a knife made of a tough material is a good idea. Mostafawi Group deals in ICEL knives in Dubai. They are made of high-quality tough material and are very durable for a long time.

Consider the performance of the knife before Choosing It

In the knife world, performance is defined by how well and how long a knife can optimally cut food. Also, the cuts should be clean and sharp, and the knife should be able to cut them swiftly. This means that the performance of a knife is partially determined by its hardness, as stronger metal blades (those made of carbon steel) retain their original edge significantly longer than softer metal knives (stainless steel).

The angle of the blade edge is the second half of knife performance; a larger edge angle does not pass through food as easily as a smaller edge angle. Carbon steel blades often have a narrower angle of attack than stainless steel blades due to finer grain steel. The reason for this is that carbon steel does not have chrome (chromium is the main ingredient in stainless steel). It is an element that produces extra-large carbides in an alloy, making the knife too brittle for frequent usage if honed to a tight angle. As a result, stainless knives often have wider-angled edges.

So, considering a chef’s busy schedule and how frequently a knife will be needed for chopping and cutting different vegetables, getting a carbon steel knife from an ICEL store in Dubai near you would be a better option.

Consider The Knife’s Maintenance

Stainless steel hugely lacks durability and performance, but it more than compensates for ease of maintenance. Stainless steel is corrosion and stain-resistant, so you can leave it on the counter or put it in the sink or dishwasher without worrying about a thing. These characteristics in stainless steel knives are provided by the presence of chromium. Chromium is a gleaming, brittle, no-nonsense chemical element that accounts for at least 13% of every stainless steel blade. Because carbon steel has no chromium, it will rust and discolor if not cleaned and maintained promptly.

If you need a knife for a professional reason and have a team that can help you with different chores, then a carbon steel knife is a good option. But if you are a single person managing your work and professional life, then getting a stainless steel knife will be much better for you. ICEL has both types of knives. You can visit any store that sells ICEL kitchen accessories in Dubai or UAE and get yourself a good pair of knives.

The Knives Budget

Professional knives are known to be costly. Although plenty of cheap options do exist, they aren’t as good as the premium knives that Mostafawi Group supplies and trades in. Carbon steel kitchen knives are often more costly than stainless steel kitchen knives.

Consider knives as your investment, as they are the tools upon which your profession will depend. So spend a few dollars extra when you decide to get a new kitchen knife. Get premium knives from a reputed ICEL supplier in Dubai.

Concluding Lines

Carbon steel knives are the way to go if you prioritize performance and longevity over maintenance and expense. If all you want is a sharp blade that won’t break the wallet, there are lots of possibilities-just make sure it’s stainless steel.

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