Wrangler Jeans: The Best Choice For A Rugged Lifestyle

When people think of jeans, the only thing that comes to their mind is Wrangler jeans in Dubai. Although the brand Wrangler is mainly known for its rugged style and as a brand for cowboys and rugged people, today it is popular amongst city dwellers equally.

Wrangler jeans are also popular as daily casual wear and as school uniforms in many parts of the world. Wrangler, along with other outstanding brands like Lee and Levi’s, has long set the bar for high-quality, long-lasting working gear for men and women. Wrangler is more than simply a successful brand; it is also an American symbol. In this article by the Mostafawi group, let us see what makes this iconic brand the best choice for a rugged lifestyle.

The History Of Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler, like other well-known jeans manufacturers (such as The North Face, Lee, and JanSport), is owned by the VF Corporation. The corporation now operates a variety of manufacturing operations in various places across the world.

Its headquarters are in the United States, specifically in Greensboro, North Carolina’s downtown area. Wrangler currently offers a range of apparel lines, including shirts, belts, and denim jackets, in addition to its focus on highly durable and high-quality jeans. Wrangler always ensures that its jeans can withstand the demands of physical labor and farm work. Wrangler jeans are not only tough but also long-lasting and extremely comfortable to wear. You can buy different Wrangler apparel at Wrangler jeans shops in Dubai and UAE.

Wrangler Jeans Are Loved By Everyone

Various denim manufacturers originate from the USA, and thus they have been producing jeans for the American market for many years. On the other hand, Wrangler sells a variety of jeans to the foreign market. The management of Wrangler believes in giving everyone a personalized and comfortable experience while wearing Wrangler apparel, and that is why they have molded their designs, fits and sizes as per the local markets.

The brand is well-known around the world for producing jeans that last a long time and fit well on a variety of body shapes. The brand is also popular among those searching for denim jeans that are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

The brand has evolved so much that today, Wrangler jeans are not just limited to the usage of farmers and other manual laborers; they may also be worn as casual wear to the office or school, as well as an outfit for many types of social gatherings. If you want to change your look and want to go for smart casuals, then visit your nearest Wrangler store in Dubai and get a revamped look.

Wrangler Denim Has Always Had A Customer-Centric Approach

With different brands offering different sizes thanks to vanity sizing, many people are confused about what size will fit them perfectly. Another reason why the Wrangler denim brand is regarded as the best is that the firm has produced a fit guide that may assist both men and women discover the right pair of jeans in terms of rising, fit and leg. If you want to possess a trendy pair of Wrangler jeans but are unsure how to choose the one that will fit you best, a smart place to start with the choosing process is to consult the brand’s fit guide. Visit any Wrangler outlet in Dubai to find the best-fitting jeans for any occasion.

The durability of Wrangler Jeans Is Excellent

In an earlier blog, we saw how accidentally denim was discovered while textile manufacturers in the nineteenth century were trying to replicate a popular Italian fabric. The textile manufacturers of France succeeded in making a highly durable twill-like fabric.

But with time and with travelers, denim traveled to the USA, and, from there, in the late nineteenth century, many manufacturers started making denim pants and overalls. Earlier, denim fabric was so robust that people even made tents and covers with it. But by the time the mid-twentieth century arrived, many manufacturers started playing with more textile blends, and eventually, once what was once known as an unbeatable fabric, slowly started becoming softer and softer.

Until a time came when normal soft cotton and denim started resembling the same. But few brands, such as Lee, Levis, and Wrangler, have kept true to their brand promise and maintained their quality through the years.

Out of all the leading brands even today, most cowboys in the USA would prefer to wear Wrangler denim over any other brand because wrangler denim is robust and gives a perfect rugged look.

As the denim fades and wears, more of the white shows through the blue and white pattern. Because of your specific body shape, this fading pattern will seem distinctive in several types of jeans. Wrangler jeans, on the other hand, have an even fade and do not soften or break down as much with time. The stitching on the Wrangler jeans is robust with a double pattern, making it last for a longer duration.

Wrangler Jeans Are the First Choice of Cowboys

Today, most cowboys and everyone involved in the rodeo circuit love wearing Wrangler jeans. The reason is, the Wrangler brand was created primarily for cowboys and includes horseback riding characteristics. Most Wrangler jeans are also quite durable, making them ideal for ranching, rodeo riding, and all other types of strenuous labor work.

Wrangler Jeans Is Simply a High-Quality Denim Brand

Wrangler jeans are regarded as high-quality since they provide long-lasting wear for those who work outside. They also have a history as a symbol of the American cowboy, and many Wrangler enthusiasts wear their jeans to represent their ancestry.

Wrangler now stands for sustainability in the apparel sector, attempting to replace ecologically hazardous techniques with better means of manufacturing. Wrangler, for example, is one of the major businesses attempting to employ plant-based dyes to use less water in jeans manufacturing.

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